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Please send to membership@rentcheck.ca legible copies of:
Your company's Articles of Incorporation or your Business License
Name and contact information of your company's Lawyer or Accountant
To protect your company, all documents sent to Rentcheck for membership application purposes are encrypted for confidentiality and stored on our secure servers.
If you are not a landlord and require reports and/or searches for other uses, or have any questions about our documentation requirements, please contact membership@rentcheck.ca.
YES, I AGREE to provide ALL the above information to ensure prompt processing of my application.
Your annual membership fee is $75. This fee may be waived if you belong to a recognized housing-provider association affiliated with Rentcheck and have sent documentation verifying your membership. You will be able to select the association(s) you belong to during the application process to automatically waive the annual fee and enjoy discounted report rates.
We have replaced the Equifax and TransUnion site inspection at the annually recurring cost of $100 with a one-time automated ID Authentication for a one-time cost of $10 each for Equifax and TransUnion saving you $100 annually.
On passing this authentication you are authorized to conduct credit checks as a Rentcheck member. If your online Authentication fails, please contact membership@rentcheck.ca
YES, I AGREE to Rentcheck's fee structure.
Rentcheck always verifies your identity before membership applications are processed.
When we've received your documents and verified them, your account will be activated as quickly as possible.
Add www.rentcheck.ca to your Safe Senders List so you won't miss any news or notices
YES, I AGREE to have Rentcheck verify my identity for the purposes of making this application.
Your Rentcheck membership agreement requires you to use Rent Data Exchange (RDX) to promptly report tenancy events such as Arrears, Evictions, Move-Outs (with Reasons & References) as well as leasing decisions on new tenants, including Approved, Cancelled, Declined, and Move-Ins (status, account type, unit number)
YES, I AGREE to regularly and promptly report Tenancy and Leasing decisions through Rent Data Exchange (RDX©).
Canadian law requires that signed consent be obtained from each tenancy/housing/business applicant before accessing their personal credit or tenancy history files.

Be aware that all Rentcheck software and workflow process formats such as, Tenancy and/or Rental History, Rent Bureau Reports, Multi-view account templates, search protocols, or any part of our report and account set-up processes are Proprietary instruments exclusively for the use of active Rentcheck members. Sharing with, or use by competitors or non-members of Rentcheck, in whole or in part, is illegal.

Additionally, Rentcheck requires all active members to use only our copyright-protected and privacy compliant Consumer Credit and Tenancy History Inquiry Consent form embedded in Rentcheck's standard rental application form. This form cannot be altered in any way, nor can it be shared with competitors or non-Rentcheck members. Violation of any of the above may result in legal prosecution.

If you choose to use your own rental application form Rentcheck's Consumer Credit and Tenancy History Inquiry Consent form must be signed by the applicant.

YES, as a Rentcheck member, I AGREE to obtain signed and informed consent from each housing applicant before accessing his/her/their personal information.
Please review these terms here.
YES, I HAVE READ AND ACCEPT Rentcheck's Terms and Conditions of service.
YES, as an Individual membership applicant, I AGREE that Rentcheck will allow its two primary data providers, Equifax and TransUnion, to create few simple questions for authentication purposes.


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